avengers au where clint’s got his hearing aids but he turns them off when hes bored so that he can try to decipher what everyones saying
and no one knows he does it but they think its weird when he misses huge gaps of a story or throws in an oddly specific detail that never…

We must confront the reality that nothing in our solar system can help us. We’re not meant to save the world. We’re meant to leave it. We must reach far beyond our own lifespans. We must think not as individuals but as species. We must confront the reality of interstellar travel.

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Do you think Darth Vader sees C-3PO and remembers back to the hours spent in his childhood working on assembling him?

I like to think so

I’m just gonna leave this here

It always hurts to see this D:



This is literally just one of the saddest, most upsetting panels I have ever seen in a Star Wars comic

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Have a nice day.

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this isn’t freedom. this is fear.

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Your name is Bob Reynolds. You can't be a hero.
That's just wishful thinking...

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All quiet, brush and ink, by dearsadako


All quiet, brush and ink, by dearsadako

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Paradise Lost, Ed Freeman

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